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October 23, 2018 2 min read

Hey guys!

Happy Tuesday! In today's blog post, I'm going to address WHY shipping costs so much.

Shipping costs - 

$15 - To all Canadian orders via Xpresspost (unless you live in the boonies and Xpresspost doesn't go there) lol - Arrival times are from 1 day if you live in Alberta or up to 3 days in Nova Scotia. Toronto peeps are usually a 2 day affair. 

$20 - To all US orders via tracked method and that usually takes 6-10 business days but it's tracked so you're good. 

$25 - Optional OVERNIGHT delivery to the US (if service is available by DHL)

$25 - To all International Orders via regular air parcel. No tracking is provided or the price would literally double. 

So WHY are these prices such shit? Simple.... We are a Canadian company, based out Canada and our great Canadian postal system is stupid expensive. 

Our American friends can ship a similar package to ours basically anywhere on the continental US and only pay $3-$7 max. For us to simply do within Canada, costs us $15. 

Another reason why many "think" our shipping is expensive is because they don't realize we are CANADIAN and all of our prices are in CANADIAN dollars. 

Which means.... $20 Canadian is more like $15 USD for our US friends out there. 

And finally.... It's because we don't do enough volume YET. What do I mean by volume? I mean like 5000 orders or more a month. Once we even crack 1000 orders a month, we'll hopefully see some sort of savings for you guys soon. Yup! That's part of growing up haha Growing pains suck but soon my lovelies... soon! 

Anyways, there you go and I hope it made sense. As usual, feel free to reach out to us at barkindustry@gmail.com with any questions or concerns. 


Yves & Tony

Yves Chanthachith
Yves Chanthachith

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