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October 17, 2018 3 min read

Hey everyone! 

I'm gonna take this blog and explain to you guys WHY Bark Industry

What is my WHY? 

WHY did I create this company?

Tony Bark (our CEO) came into our lives on Nov 9 2016. As he grew, we knew that we had to get him out of a collar and into a harness to prevent any breathing issues as he grew but unfortunately after MANY visits to the local pet store, we found nothing decent. All we could find was incredibly cheap product in terms of quality but yet would cost $45 to start and then when we DID find something that would fit him properly, it was $60-$90. It drove me nuts! There was literally nothing in between and after months of prototyping and research, Bark Industry was born. 

WHY Bark Industry?

First off, I am my OWN boss, actually technically YOU guys are my boss! HAHA
2. I want to make people happy with the cool shit that I make
3. I want people to LOVE to use our products
4. I LOVE dogs and all animals (except a honey badger cause honey badgers are assholes but at the same time, I think they're cool AF lol) 
5. I LOVE meeting new people, you guys ALWAYS teach me something valuable. It ranges anywhere from how to love my dog better, to how to be more active, to business inspirations, to just being incredibly supportive to a complete stranger (me) and show so much care in your words. Basically, you guys always find ways to make my heart explode with happiness n love. 
6. I want to leave a legacy of positivity and contribution to charities that help other less fortunate pups (see our charity of choice)
7. I want people to remember my boy Tony via this company. I want his name to never fade into history. I want people to associate happiness with his name. Because even though he's only 2 years old, he's truly taught us the real meaning of unconditional love. I am a better person because of him, I am a better partner to Anna because of him and he brings so much light to anyone he encounters in this world. And because although I want him to live til his 35yrs old human years, I know that won't be the case.
8. I want to build a super FUN business, bring in the best people, create a super awesome environment for people to come in and create cool shit day in and day out. 
9. And finally because it's challenging for me, it's incredibly demanding but I absolutely love every minute of it. I don't want to simply "exist" in this lifetime rather, I want to LIVE. Bark Industry is opening doors, opportunities and creating a life that allows me to experience much more than just a cubicle (no offense to anyone in a cubicle, just isn't me haha)

Will some of this change over time? Maybe but not my core values (another blog for this) which is YOU. 

Anyways, what I am saying in all of this is... Join me, Join Bark Industry and grow with us! I'll be here for you and I know you'll be here for me and Tony. 

I love you all!

Yves & Tony

Yves Chanthachith
Yves Chanthachith

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